• It all began here.

Let us share with you the Designing Jewelers story.

The Journey Begins

Designing Jewelers’ journey began when Al took his first job at Stein’s Jewelers in Milwaukee at a young age. His love of the business carried him from his first job of cleaning the women’s bathroom to asking questions about and learning everything there is to know about diamonds.

In 1983, Al went into business on own. With limited resources, his first business was a buy and sell store that offered everything from cassette tapes to jewelry and watches and eventually expanded to become one of the larger music stores in the area. With his heart still in the jewelry business, Al decided to provide La Crosse a place to find custom jewelry in 1995. With the addition of Brenda, who joined the team in 2000, the jewelry designing duo have over 80 years of experience to offer their customers.

Personal Touch is Standard

With many years experience in the jewelry business in Rochester, MN, Brenda brought a personal touch to the jewelry business that is difficult to match. Looking to put a smile on a customer’s face instead of making a quick sale, Brenda sets a tone which allows customers to relax and find the jewelry they really want.

This approach is now the standard at Designing Jewelers. No matter who you are, what you do, or how much you want to spend, the Designing Jewelers team treats everyone with kindness, respect, and humor.

Commitment to Customers and Community

With a love of La Crosse’s deep rooted history and a desire to restore and reshape the city, Al and Brenda have taken many steps to restore the Designing Jewelers building to its former glory. In 2008, the building went through a major remodel. After removing several feet of walls to reveal the original brick and knocking down a number of false ceilings to find and revive the original tin ceiling, the building took on the persona Al and Brenda had always wanted to see in Designing Jewelers.

Today, the Designing Jewelers award winning team continues to provide a comfortable, home-like feel for all who seek assistance with their jewelry needs.

Their commitment to their customers and community continues to drive their business and life.

History of Designing Jewelers

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