Between Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day, 40% of all proposals in the United States are happening right now!  Engagement ring trends for 2020 are on full display already. From yellow gold making a comeback, to pear-shaped diamonds to colored stones for the center of the ring, we’ve got you covered so you know what to look for, or you know what to hint to your boyfriend.

Engagement Rings with Colored Stones

While many maintain having a colored stone in the center of the engagement ring accented by diamonds really isn’t an “engagement” ring, there are plenty of celebrities who would disagree. Many at the end of 2019 were spotted with engagement rings that had topaz, tanzanite, and others for the center stone.

Yellow Gold Engagement Rings Make a Comeback

White gold and platinum rings ruled the past few decades and rose gold rings made a huge splash, but since the 80’s are making a comeback, so is yellow gold. The Gold Standard has always stood the test of time. While considering the “4 Cs” for your diamond, it is always important to consider what color mounting you prefer.

Diamond Shapes

Classic Round cut solitaires are turning into Radiant, Cushion, Ascher, Princess cut and more! Come see our fancy shapes and find the style that is “Exactly for you!”

The Complicated (or not so) Art of Choosing Engagement Rings

What many couples fail to do is actually talk about style and budget beforehand. The proposal can still be a surprise, but knowing exactly what she wants and what you can afford is just as important.

Don’t be afraid to come in to Designing Jewelers as a couple and talk with us. We want to be more than just your jeweler, we want to be part of this very important, life-changing event! We pride ourselves in having a great relationship with our people.

If you are even just beginning to consider proposing, or have talked about it, we would love to talk with both of you! Tell us your story!